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"Study of Ella" 9.5 x 10.75 pastel
©Doug Dawson


Doug Dawson was born in Oak Park, Ill. He attended Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He taught science and art for the Denver Public schools for 6 years. He has taught art for Colorado Institute of Art, Colorado Christian University, and The Art Students League of Denver. He is a founding board member for the The Art Students League of Denver, where he presently teaches a Plein Air class and a Studio Landscape class. He teaches 8 to 10 workshops around the country each year. For a list of workshops go to Workshop Info.

Doug Dawson has exhibited with and/or received numerous awards from a number of different art organizations, including but not limited to:  The Pastel Society of America,  American Watercolor Society, Knickerbocker Artists,  The National Academy of Western Art,  Southeastern Pastel Society,  Pastel Society of West Coast,  Audubon Artists,  Kansas Pastel Society,   Allied Artists,  the Pastel Society of the Southwest,  the Pastel Society of New Mexico, the Pastel Society of Oregon,  the Pastel Society of Colorado,  and the International Association of Pastel Societies.
To honor his achievements, he was given the title of
Master Pastelist by the Pastel Society of America (NY, NY) in 1985 and awarded the title of Master Circle by the International Association of Pastel Societies in 2005  (California). 

***Pastel Society of America in New York---2008 Hall of Fame

Doug Dawson is represented by the Ventana Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 
Saks Gallery in Denver, Colorado
 and the


American Watercolor Society (Juried) l973,’74,’77-Goldsmith Award/Membership Awarded ‘77    New York, NY.
Pastel Society of America Exhibition (Juried) 1975 thro 1991, 1993 thro 2015, 2017, 2018     New York, NY
*Membership Awarded -1975 *Bainbridge Award-1976 *Kalikow Award-1999 *Minuto Award-1990
*Salmagundi Award-2000 *Best of Show-1978 *Hermitage Museum Exh-1984 *Blick Award-1987
*Board of Directors Award-1996 *Grumbacher Gold Medal-1986 *Guffini Marcellino Award-2002
*Pearl Award-1998 *Armstrong Award-1982 *Scott Award-1988 *Weiss Epstein Award-2003
*Pastel Sty No. Fla. Award-2013 *Kertzer/Pastel Sty/Canada Award-2004 *Girault Award-2009 ***
Awarded Master Pastelist -1985 ***Awarded PSA Hall of Fame 2008 Honoree
Pastel Society of West Coast Exhibition (Juried)-1998   California
Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibit (Juried)-1974   Golden, CO.
Allied Artists Exhibit (Juried)-1982, 1991   New York, NY.
National Academy of Western Art (Juried)-1980 *Awarded Silver Medal  Okla.City, OK..
Pastel Scty So.west Exhibit (Juried)- 1982 *Membershp ‘81 -Roe Award’82 -McStay Award’95  Dallas, TX.
Kansas Pastel Society Exhibit (Juried)-1984 *Eberhard-Faber Award   Wichita, KS.
Pastel Society Colorado---Membership & Exhibition 8/14, 7/16 (juried) *Ludwig Award Denver, CO.
Taiwan Pastel Exhibition 2007 & 2010  Taipei, Taiwan
World Relief-sent Dawson to Mali, West Africa -2/85 do major painting Wheaton, Il.
Societe Des Pastellistes de France ---International Exhibition-1987  Paris, France
Summer Institute Linguistics-sent Dawson to Suriname, So. America 3/89  Huntg.Bch, CA.
Who’s Who American Art, Who’s Who in West, Who’s Who in America Listings  New York, NY.
Museum Don Quixote-Workshop for National Artists 7/90  Gto., Mexico
Art Students League of Denver *Founding Board Member-1986 (Instructor 1987-to date)  Denver, CO
Pastel Society Oregon-*Membership Awarded-2002 & Exhibition (Juried) *Holbein Award 9/14  Sprgfd, OR.
Pastel Society New Mexico Exhibition (Juried) *Award 2011 *Award 2012  Albuq, NM.
Audubon Artists Exhibit (Juried)-2000 *Silver Medal Excellence-2002  New York, NY.
Pastel Society Northern Florida-*Membership Awarded 2000   Ft. Walton, Fl..
Art in Embassies-U.S. State Dept.---Dawson work chosen Madagascar Ambassador’s Home 2005-07 Washington,DC.
International Assoc. Pastel Societies Exhibit (Juried)-*Best of Show-1997, 2001,‘15,’17,* IAPS Advisory Council at: Marshfld Hil,MAInt’l
Association Pastel Societies***Master Circle Title Awarded-- - 2006  California
Int’l Biennial Pastel Ptg in Spain -Pintores Pastelistas Espanoles Nov. 2013  Oviedo, Spain
Butler Institute of American Art Museum Exhibition - Dec. 2009 thro Mar. 2010 Youngstown,OH.Southeast
Pastel Society Exhibition (Juried) 6/14  Atlanta, GA.
Northwest Pastel Society Exhibition (Juried) 5/16  Tacoma, WA.
***Retrospective Exhibition at  Art Students League Denver 2/18 thro  3/18   Denver, CO.

PUBLICATIONS (including Dawson’s work)

Book:  Art of Pastel Portraiture
Book:  How See, How to Paint It
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Body Guard (Book) by Rex Burns *Cover
The Pastel Book (Taiwan)
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Book:  Dare to Dream -Urania Christy Tarbet 2013
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***Book by Dawson: Capturing Light & Color with Pastel
                    North Light Publishing

***Doug Dawson-8622 W. 44th Place-Wheat Ridge, Colorado ph: 303-421-4584 Web Site: dougdawsonartist.com


The pastel art of Doug Dawson. Dawson is a mastions refer to the workshop page.