Found Gems

The art of Cheri Dunnigan

Cheri weaves jewelry and sculpture using gold and silver thread.  It is some of the most creative work I have seen.  Her pieces are wonderful collectors items. 

Cheri's Statement

These vessel forms are the natural outgrowth of an exploration of technique. Invisible spool knitting is a textile technique that has been a method of chain making employed by goldsmiths for centuries. Several years ago, I began to develop and expand this technique to create increasingly complex forms, developing a vocabulary and allowing the materials and technique to direct the development of these forms. Imposing techniques from one medium to another is not always successful, yet I had a hunch that because this technique was so successful in creating beautiful, supple, woven chains, it might be conducive to further investigation and expanded forms. The material used in these pieces is sterling silver wire. I use a twisted silver wire that very much resembles a thread or a fiber. I’ve used this to further establish a cohesive relationship between the material  (metal) and the technique (textile). There is an innate geometry that began to develop in these pieces that is universal in the natural world. It is those inherent forms that are found in nature and that reside within this technique, such as the radiating center seed case of a sunflower, or the spiral of a chambered nautilus, or the curling form of an unfurling fern that captured my imagination and have inspired these radiating, spiraling vessel forms.


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