Hint of the Month


This painting was done as a demonstration at the Art Students League of Denver May 14, 2016.  The folks who watched the demonstration  asked me to post a picture of the finished painting. 



  A violet begining 11 x 14 ©Doug Dawson

I blocked in the painting with 4 sticks of color, each one a different value. I labeled these values the dark, dark middle, light middle, and light value. I typically begin a landscape with just 4 values. In this instance, the dark, dark middle, and light middle values were all violets. The lightest stick of pastel was an alizarin, which, of course, is a slightly violet red.

I often begin an overcast landscape with an under-painting of violets. This works well because the light that penetrates the cloud layer on an overcast day, is often a slightly violet light.

At this stage, I have gone beyond the violet and have started to add blues and greens.

"Standing in the Gap" 11 x 14 ©Doug Dawson

I covered the violets with blues and greens.  I developed the edges of the tree to suggest the texture of the leaves within the tree.


Basket Instruction

If someone told you about the instructions for making the wire baskets for pastels, they are still available.  If you would like a copy of the step by step illustration describing how to make the baskets, send  an email to dougdawson8@aol.com.  You don't have to write a note just write the word Baskets in the Subject Heading and I will send you the visuals with instruction. 

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